Weekly Update – Chronological Order Today

Almost in chronological order today, for no apparent reason. (c:

released Trans2D, a lightweight open source graphics library which improves on the SpriteBatch with a hierarchical model. Each sprite has its own transformed space, so modeling multi-sprites is a breeze, as is layering. There is also a bitmap font system, and many sample applications to go through.

released Save the Students, based on SEGA’s Chu Chu Rocket. It is a single player game, primarily for Windows, and Carl wants feedback. (no source)

Microsoft’s Worldwide Games Portfolio Planner for Xbox Live Arcade, gave an interview to Gamasutra. He doesn’t talk specifically about XNA, but it is still worth a read if you want to publish your own some day.

started work on tutorial Series 4 – Advanced Terrain.

put up a great site with links to XNA related sites, sorted into categories. This is not really news, I just missed this one.

with friends changed the name of XnaMagic to Blade3D, but is still going to be a full game development system for 3D games using XNA.

worked on GD360, a Gameboy Advance Emulator. It is actually a port of GarboDev, by Gary Linscott. There is no sound, and it is slow, and Diffuse wants help to optimize it.

published Otto’s Revenge, a 3D remake of the original Berzerk.

published GameMaker Studio, a 2D game engine creation system.

released XnaSynth, a speech synthesis engine.

will soon publish XnaLua, a port of the programming language Lua. XnaLua will run Lua scripts on the Xbox as well.

released the Fish Game, a remake of the Fish Game Tutorial using TorqueX.

gave an interview to QJ about Last Alarm: The A.R.G.U.S. Complex.

finally published XNA Console Component, a self-contained console window, similar to the one in Quake.

released XnaContent, a content processor with access things the standard model format hides, such as vertex and index data.

teased us with another video of Super Nova Psycko.

teased with a video from RPG Zero – Another Start.

released the first batch of content for academicians, in the Game Segments series.

published another guide on how to share code between Xbox and Windows projects. He has thought on other subjects as well, and I’ve added him to FeedReader.

teased us with a video of how he hooked up the WiiMote to the Xbox. No source.

posted a wanted ad, for long-distance modelers. Gears of Games first product looks good.

updated his 3D Collision Detection source code and tutorials, especially focusing on proximity tests. He updated Sharky’s Air Legends in the process.

tirelessly published another tutorial, Adding Drag and Drop to the XnaDev.ru Content Builder.

played with the SpaceWar starter kit, and released BackSpace War and Kitchen Sink War for the Xbox.

published an XNA wrapper for the PC Gamepad support, to use more than just the Xbox gamepad.

moved his blog.

is a lecturer, and handed out the code to Cheesy Breakout to his students, and to you.

released a Gamepad Wireless Receiver for Windows. They also merged all casual games departments into a single entity.

kicked off his blog with a tutorial on how to Draw a Complex Mesh.

published eight tutorials, which combine to move and rotate a sprite using different kinds of input.

published the source to his Ray Tracing Project.

will hold XNA Extreme, an 8-week intensive training course, stinging April 9th, teaching C and XNA from the ground up. It will cost you $100 USD, but they’ve received good reviews before.

PixelBox Academy also announced a new course, XNA Foundation – Game Development with XNA Game Studio Express, which will run seven weeks from March 20th. It’ll cost you $650 USD, though.

Dream Build Play

The final entry deadline is JULY 2, 2007, midnight.

will join the competition as well, with The Last Hero.

I’m sure I got some wrong, and left some out. Personally, I’ve decided to not participate, due to a lack of time. Real life, as usual.


Blogs I’ve added to FeedReader, although I haven’t blogged about them yet, for various reasons.

On a more private front, Tijir just had a baby daughter. Cheers! I hope it all goes well, and my wife and I are rooting for you all.

And I finished my thirtieth year here, and am now starting on my fourth decade. No cheers for that. I celebrated with a piece of Oreo Cheese Cake, in between working sessions. That was it.