The XNA Tutorial provides information to all visitors about the XNA tutorial. XNA also known as Microsoft XNA is a group of tools with an included managed runtime environment that is provided by Microsoft, which facilitates video game management and development. The tool set was officially announced at the Game Developers Conference in the U.S state of California on March 24th of 2004. The XNA name was originated from the project development name called Xbox New Architecture. It encompasses Microsoft entire game development sections, which includes the Game Studio and the Xbox development kit. The first preview of this technology was released on March 14th of 2006. The tutorial offers all individuals details about video game development.

The XNA tutorials are very effective and easy methods that provide instructions with the usage of the tools for video game creation. The tutorial allows a person to create their own game. These tutorials are categorized the following: 1- Getting started, 2- XNA 2D tutorial, 3- XNA 3D tutorial, 4- Player input, 5- Audio, 6- Utility tutorial, 7- Content pipeline, 8- Game math, 9- Game physics, 10- Distribute the game, 11- Combinations of 2D and 3D, 12- Primitives, 13- HSLS and Effects and other advanced tutorials. ,

The XNA framework is based on the implementation of .Net Compact Framework 2.0 for Windows and Xbox 360 development. It includes a set of class libraries for promoting code reuse across target platforms and for specific game development. This framework is known to be run on a version of the Common Language Runtime, which is optimized for gaming. The XNA Game Studio is the integrated development environment for game developing. The Game Studio has released five versions. The XNA tutorial provides further instructions for the usage of any of the five versions. ,

Game design is the procedure to design the rules and content of a game. The design occurs in the pre production stage. Game designing requires technical, writing and artistic skills. Game programming is the term that refers to the programming of a console, computer or an arcade game. Game development is the software development process that is used to developed a video game. These tutorials instructs all interested individuals about the terms listed before. Here, at this reliable site you will find information about the XNA tutorial.

  • XBLIG stands for Xbox Live Indie Games.

  • The binary file submitted to Xbox live must not be bigger than 150MB

  • The game developer can choose the price at 80, 240 or 400 Microsoft Points

  • Fortresscraft is the bestselling inde game for the Xbox live in 2011

  • Indie titles that are released on Xbox Live needs to be previously accepted by there peers

  • In 2009 the best selling indie title for the Xbox was I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!

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